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Lots of people assume they will wear dentures. Nevertheless, with proper care, your teeth can easily last an eternity. Having said that, in the event you lose the majority of your teeth, dentures restore your smile and can replace them.

And if you are just missing a handful of your natural teeth, you may want to think about filling out your smile with dentures. They can let you look younger while providing support to your cheeks and lips. Dentures help in talking, chewing and swallowing. If dentures are correct for you, see Forever Smiling Dental Centre to find out.

Kinds of Dentures

There are two varieties of dentures: total and partial. Each kind is created from an impression of the wearer’s mouth. Dentures are fastened by attaching to or fitting over any remaining natural teeth or implants.

Denture Care

Taking care of your own dentures is vital to your total oral health.

  • Clean dentures over a water-filled sink to prevent damage if they may be dropped
  • Rinse well with water
  • Keep dry in a labelled denture cup
  • To re-insert dentures, wet with water to stop distress