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Night Guards (Bruxism)

Do you grind your teeth? Bruxism is the term used to explain the grinding and clenching of teeth, regularly throughout sleep. As with maximum issues that occur in the course of sleep, bruxism often goes undetected till a partner or companion hears the grinding at night or damage is detected by your dentist. Bruxism can be caused by several factors including strain, a response to pain, positive sleep issues, or teeth which might be misaligned. The trouble is frequently extended with the consumption of caffeine and alcohol. In excessive instances grinding and clenching can cause dental problems which include chipping, warm and cold sensitivity, damage to dental work and more critical situations.

Symptoms of bruxism include:

  • sensitive tooth
  • Jaw muscle ache in the morning
  • enamel suggestions which can be flattened or dull
  • The sound of grinding throughout sleep
  • wearing away your enamel structure – particularly the biting or chewing surface
  • Breakdown of the ligaments that aid your tooth
  • loss of jaw bone
  • pain in jaw joints or facial muscles
  • anxiety complications


Attempt to decide the source of your stress. Take heed to grinding your teeth during the day. And put on a night time night guard while you sleep. We make custom equipped night time guards or bruxism appliances to defend your teeth from the carrying forces of grinding. Call our dentist today and discover about this preventive solution that may maintain your tooth.